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Some minor website aggravations (my fault!)

So for the past few weeks I’ve been trying to find a better solution for hosting my websites. I’ve been relatively happy with my own personal website projects being hosted by Awardspace  and given that it’s primarily headquartered in Germany, I’ve been patient with the sometimes slower loading of my pages. It started to get frustrating, however, when I tried upgrading my account to support my business’ website and its clients websites, and the speed got SLOWER. While customer support couldn’t explain to me why this was, my theory is this: they moved me to a server with less traffic, but throttled me at an artificially slow speed because I wasn’t paying for the highest tier on that server. When I wasn’t satisfied, they moved me back to the other server, but gave me a few perks with no extra charge. Still, I wanted to test out their highest tier on the better server, and they offered to let me “try it out”, which I assumed would be for free? NOPE! I was wrong. The trial was for a month but I would have to pay for that month! Which I didn’t go for.

I HAVE found what I think will be a better host, although its not very intuitive or user-friendly for website owners… at Digital Ocean. It is definitely FASTER and it may come out cheaper all around for my business and for hosting my clients there. There’s just been some problems in trying to migrate over there and change the DNS settings for the domains. I hope to have it all sorted soon and I’ll certainly keep you posted here!!! Thanks again  for stopping by and please come back 🙂


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