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When I was in Alabama, I was mentored by a former pastry chef and restaurant owner by the name of James K. Jones. I fell in love with baking desserts as a new passion of mine. I started making recipes inspired by his and decided to share them with you all. Enjoy!

I forgot I took these pictures! A while back when I was first learning how to Strawberry Cobbler Time If you've never had a strawberry cobbler before, you really Chocolate Banana Nut Cobbler I tried a new experimental "chocolate banana nut cobbler" today "Evil" Chocolate Cupcakes This recipe is for roughly TWO DOZEN cupcakes. THE Fruit Cobbler (these are all made the same way) This multi-purpose recipe is Jelly Butter Cake My mom once made a cake that, after baking it, Peanut Butter Cookie Cobbler The original recipe for "Peanut Butter Cobbler" is by James

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