Photo Enhancements

Want a touch up?

Everyone wants to look their best, and there are even some clever apps with filters you can use on your smartphone, and most people use them (it is noticeable though. Don’t think you’re fooling anyone!) If you would like things done the right way, I charge $10 for a photo touchup. Simply upload the photo below, fill out the fields and use your debit card or credit card and PayPal will handle the transaction. You will receive your enhanced photo usually within 12 hours.

Q: Can you do other alterations?

A: Absolutely! I can make changes to the background, foreground, make objects different colors (or black & white!)

Step 1:

Fill out the required info. Include any details you’d like. Upload the photo!

Step 2:

Click on the Buy Now button and watch for a new window or tab to open. This will be the PayPal secure payment screen. You don’t have to have a PayPal account, a debit/credit card will be A-OK!

Step 3:

Please be patient. If you have a special request it may take longer, or I will be contacting you if I have a question. But generally, you will have same day results 🙂 It shows up as an e-mail which I try to check regularly. Thank you!